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Top Stories for August 20, 2014

Murder on Scott Mountain

By Dee Ann Campbell
and Ashley B. Downing
SCOTT MOUNTAIN – Remnants of yellow crime scene barricade tape could still be seen along Johnny Williams Road on Sunday afternoon after 29-yearold Jeremy James was found slain at just before midnight on Friday, August 22.

James’ body was reportedly discovered on the ground near a vehicle on the dirt road just off Dicey Road in Scott Mountain by an unnamed passer-by.

Local law enforcement was called to the scene at approximately 11:46 p.m.

Members of the Choctaw County Sheriff ’s Department, Butler Police Department, Choctaw EMS, and the District Attorney’s office responded to the call.

Dog fighting
suspect arrested

effort leads to list
of charges against
local man

By Dee Ann Campbell
Sun-Advocate Editor

PENNINGTON – A multi-agency effort on Friday led to an arrest of a local man in an alleged dog-fighting case and the rescue of four emaciated dogs who had apparently been used in the crime.

Quincy Capers, 28, was arrested on August 22 for felony dog fighting and a list of other charges after authorities discovered a dog-fighting ring in the area near his Pennington home. According to Choctaw County Sheriff’s Deputy Chuck Breland, the facility was discovered when game wardens with the Alabama Department of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries were in the area investigating another issue.

Deputy Geoff Paton was called to the scene and subsequently made the arrest.

Two emaciated dogs were discovered at the scene of the fighting ring, and two others were found near Capers’ home during a search of the area.

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Breaking News Stories

Silas Woman Arrested for making terrorist threats on a local school bus

By: Ashley B. Downing
Sun-Advocate Editor

SILAS- Silas resident, Jerrica Leverett, has been arrested by authorities for allegedly making a terrorist threat after she boarded a Choctaw County school bus with a hatchet in hand on the morning of August 13th. The bus was at a stop on Blue Dirt Road near Cullomburg when the incident occurred.
"There was some kind of issue between her child and another child on the bus," said Choctaw County Sheriff Deputy Chuck Breland. "When she put her child on the school bus the next morning, she came on board with the hatchet in hand."
Breland added that the bus driver told Leverett that she could not board the bus, but Leverett responded that she would only be on the bus a few minutes.
"She made a remark to her, something like-- 'Don't worry I won't be here but a few minutes, this won't take long'," said Breland.
According to Breland, Leverette then addressed some of the older kids in the back of the bus, but those students were not the ones she was looking for, so she exited the bus.
Deputy Breland said that an on-board camera captured the event showing that Leverette never approached the back of the bus, but stayed near the driver. He said the entire confrontation lasted approximately 5 minutes.
The driver of the bus filed a report with the Sheriff's Department the following day, August 14th.
Leverett was arrested by deputies on August 19th, and charged with the class C felony. She was released on a $5000 bond.
Interim Superintendent of Education Jacqui James said that board policy and procedures are being followed regarding the incident.
"We are taking the appropriate action to protect the safety of our children," said James.
The Sun contacted Leverett concerning the incident but she declined to comment.
Watch the Sun-Advocate for updates on this story.


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