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Top Stories for September 17, 2014

Three charged for stolen property

Suspect provides information on James murder

By Dee Ann Campbell
Sun-Advocate Publisher

BUTLER – Three suspects were charged last week in connection with stolen property that was allegedly taken during burglaries at local camps along the Tombigbee River, and one of the suspects has provided information about a murder that occurred on Scott Mountain on August 22.

According to Choctaw County Sheriff Tom Abate, Anthony Lee and Callie Lee, who were already in jail on a bond revocation at the time, were charged with receiving and concealing stolen property after a long list of stolen items were found last Friday in a mobile home on Womack Hill Road

Sheriff involved in search for five slain children

By Ashley Downing
Sun-Advocate Editor

BUTLER, CAMDEN-”Thirtyseven years of law enforcement and I have never seen anything like that,” said Choctaw County Sheriff Tom Abate, “The only thing you can do is love your kids a little bit harder and wonder how this could happen.”

Sheriff Abate said to the Sun, regarding the horrific murder of five children by their father, Timothy Ray Jones, Jr., 32 of Lexington, South Carolina.

The children three boys and two girls have been identified as Merah, 8; Elias, 7; Nahtahn, 6; Gabriel, 2; and Abagail Elizabeth, 1.

According to the Lexington County Sheriff ’s Department, Jones was the primary legal custodian of the children. The five children lived at a home near Lexington with their father.

When Jones failed to met his ex-wife with the kids for her scheduled parenting time on September 2nd, she filed a missing persons report on September 3rd at 6:11 p.m. She said there were other times she had been unable to reach him.

Authorities learned that Jones told neighbors he was moving to another state with the children.

Mileage reimbursement not issue under Unit System laws in Clarke, Washington

By Dee Ann Campbell
Sun-Advocate Publisher

UTLER – Debate continues to rage over mileage reimbursement claims submitted to the county by District 1 Commissioner Tony Cherry earlier this month, and Rep. Elaine Beech says she intends to seek an amendment to the Unit System law to address it.

The amendment, she said, may include a provision that caps the amount of reimbursement that can be claimed by commissioners – a cap that is already in place in the two surrounding counties also operating under unit systems.

Cherry turned in a request for reimbursement for $519.12 for mileage traveled over a three-week period from July 21 through August 12. Cherry received a check for that amount from the county on September 2.

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